The concept of a Boarding facility, often referred as a "kennel" as most people understand, is largely outdated. When someone says they're boarding their dog most people imagine a country kennel outside of town, lots of chicken wire fencing, just somewhere to put the dog where they'll be kept warm and dry from the elements.  There may or may not be daytime activities. There may or may not be any exercise time at all. Many clients aren't given tours of the facilities and the desperate cries of dogs can be heard from the parking lot. Many of the dogs potty in the same room they eat/drink in.

For a while these facilities thrived because there were no other options. Dogs would get sick, some would pass away shortly after coming home, others would get injured, but with no competition there was no other options for local dog owners. There had to be another way, so 41K9 went undercover and visited them ALL in order to uncover the ways the OTHER GUYS cut corners.

Not only would the established kennels nickle-and-dime for everything including feeding your dog its own food, they would also operate against common sense. Dog's would potty in the same room they eat/drink in, then go across a divide and sleep next to each other in chicken wire cages. There was no separation, no privacy, and dogs succumbed to illness frequently. Management would charge extra for dogs to potty outside as opposed to in their rooms. At some places, all the dogs even sleep together, in the same room, unattended at night. How does that even work? It's not safe and it's only putting the dogs at risk. 

What's worse, the current establishments would nickle and dime for every add-on; outdoor bathroom time, feedings, medications & potty breaks. For a while this was the norm, until 41K9 heard enough of the horror stories and decided to do something about it. (Continue reading below...)



At 41K9 we LOVE dogs, so much so that we've dedicate considerable time and effort to providing only THE BEST for your pooch. Let's run through a quick list of the steps we've taken to ensure your dog is happy and healthy during their stay...

  • Cage Free - no chicken wire prisons, all of our rooms are hand-built and provide a cozy oasis for your dog.

  • Affordable - we don't nickel and dime you. Need medications administered*? Tricky feeding instructions? A nice warm bath after a long stay? We have you covered with a bevy of complimentary services that other places charge extra for.

  • Safe - our 15,000sq/ft facility is fully enclosed, meaning your dog is fully monitored 24/7/365 and never leaves the property. You will have peace of mind knowing your dog is NEVER left unattended outdoors or with other dogs.

  • Convenient Location - our prime location on Monroe street allows quick access to and from the highway system as well as Downtown Toledo.

  • Potty Time Protection -  whether it's -40F or 90F your pup is always protected from the elements when they potty. 41K9 boasts a one-of-a-kind indoor potty space for our dogs. This totally custom canine turf installation offers 2,100sq/ft of turfed potty space for your dog to enjoy in peace without the stress of Mother Nature or the distractions of urban living.

  • Night-Time Potty Breaks - we never stop! Every evening at 11pm we let your dog out to potty if you choose to board with us, free of charge.

  • Superior HVAC - believe it or not, some doggy daycares don't even have AC. How does that work? Answer, it doesn't. We devoted significant time to upgrading our HVAC, including insulation and adding new units. Our entire building maintains 70F at all times.

  • Transparency - watch your dog play every day on our free live webcams! Our entire operation is recorded live onto video to provide full transparency to our guests. 

  • Hours - we researched traffic patterns to determine the best hours to offer our guests. We offer daycare in half-days or full-days. 

  • Monitored - 24/7/365 our facility is fully wired and monitored for you pet's safety. In addition to interior cameras we also fully record our exterior and parking lot. Feel safe when you're with us.

  • "Second Shift" Extended Daycare Hours - As we grow, 41K9 plans to incorporate extended daycare hours to remain even MORE accessible. 

  • All Inclusive - Dogs who board overnight enjoy free daycare among other complimentary services. We encourage multiple dog families to use our services and additional dogs receive extra discounts. Ask our staff for a quote for boarding! 

*our staff does not perform injection or IV medications. 


1707 Monroe Street

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