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Our Self-Service Dog Wash is made available at the lowest cost possible as a courtesy for our guests. Having met 41K9's daycare requirements, anyone may access the Self-Service Dog Bath (Monday thru Friday 6am-7pm and on the Weekend 8am-7pm) and enjoy the use of our extra large wash tub, high pressure wash hose, complimentary soaps and conditioners as well as towels, commercial dryers & combs. Walk away when you're done and leave the cleanup to us. Perfect after a day in Doggy Daycare or as part of regular coat maintenance for your dog. 41K9 was designed with modern dog owners in mind. Nobody wants to wash their dog in their own bathroom, not with all of that fur clogging up your drains, use OUR wash stations instead


41K9 DOG BATH by Staff

​Want your dog already bathed and ready to go at pick up? No problem! Request a bath with our front staff upon drop off , along with an estimated pick up time, and your dog will go home from daycare or boarding freshly bathed.

Self-Bath     $10

Staff-Bath     $20

*Board overnight 6 consecutive nights or more=FREE BATH

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