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All clients must first register their dog in our Client Portal before scheduling temp tests or services.

Dogs must be spayed or neutered when they reach 6 months of age.


Your dog must be in overall good health, no open wounds, stitches or fleas/ticks of any kind. No coughing dogs.

Before your dog may enter our facility for ANY reason it must first satisfy our Canine Vaccination Requirements and ALL CLIENTS must send us relevant vaccines records from their dog's vet showing they meet our vaccine requirements. This industry standard is to ensure safe and clean conditions for our guests & staff and to prevent the spread of infectious canine diseases. You may find the requirements here. Once you have met these requirements please ask your vet to send them to or send us paper copies from your vet's official letterhead.

All dogs participating in 41K9 services must schedule and successfully pass a temperament test. To schedule a temp test you must be registered in our system and our staff will need to confirm the due dates for your dog's vaccines. This test is complimentary for all guests and is conducted on-site by our experienced staff. We will observe your dog's response to staff touch and interaction. We will then slowly introduce dogs from the pack. Once your dog is incorporated into the pack staff will observe your dog's reaction in "open-play" setting with other dogs of varying size, breed and temperament. This temperament test is a 2 hour time slot. Any time beyond the 2 hours will result in a half-day daycare charge up to 6 hours and full-day daycare beyond 6 hours.

While in our lobby please maintain leash control of your dog at all times. Do not let your dog get near other dogs in the lobby. Dogs have a funny way of acting when on a leash and around their owners. Follow our staff's instructions at all times and use our space to keep distance between yourself and the other clients/dogs.


Still not sure? Email us with any questions!

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