1707 Monroe Street

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All clients must first register their dog in our system before scheduling temp tests or services. See the link below

Dogs must be spayed or neutered if over 6 months old.

Your dog must be in overall good health, no open wounds, stitches or fleas/tics of any kind. No coughing dogs please.

Before your dog may enter our facility for ANY reason it must first satisfy our Canine Vaccination Requirements. This industry standard is to ensure safe and clean conditions for our guests & staff and to prevent the spread of infectious canine diseases. You may find the requirements on the "Vaccination Requirements" tab. Once you have met these requirements please send us copies for our records & once we confirm them with your vet your pup is welcome to enjoy our Doggy Daycare, Boarding and Dog Wash services. 

Puppies must have completed their first series of Bordetella and Distemper as well as second booster of Canine Influenza prior to visit. The puppies may begin daycare before they receive their Rabies vaccine, but it's required by 6 months of age. Dogs with the first round of Canine Influenza may be admitted if there has been at least 24 days since round 1 of the vaccine and round 2 was given during that 24 day period. Always consult a professional veterinarian. 

In addition to the Vaccination Requirements, all dogs who wish to participate in Doggie Daycare must first pass a Personality and Temperament Test. This test is FREE for all guests and is conducted on-site by our experienced staff. Upon completion your dog will enjoy its first day of Dog Daycare for FREE!

Please maintain leash control of your dog at all times. Do not let your dog get near other dogs in the lobby. Dogs have a funny way of acting when on a leash and around their owners. Follow our staff's instructions.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR DOG AND ENTER YOUR DOG'S INFORMATION! All clients must create an account on PetExec. Our business runs on this software and we use it to check-in dogs, accept payments, maintain emergency contact info and so much more.

Still not sure? Email us with any questions!