More than just Doggy Daycare...


Offered 365 days a year* (Monday thru Friday 6am-7pm and Weekends 8am-7pm) our Doggie Daycare options remain accessible and affordable for the client while our experienced staff maintains engagement and balance among the pack. Your furry friend will tire themselves out with daycare available each and every day. Our fully enclosed 15,000sq/ft facility ensures your dog has the space and luxuries needed to have fun and be safe all while remaining at the lowest cost possible.

Our experienced staff strives to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed while they WAG, RUN, BARK, ZOOM & PLAY all day with their furry friends. Whether it’s their first Dog Daycare experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, the wellbeing of our guests is central to everything we do.

All dogs who enjoy Daycare must first pass a Personality and Temperament Test, conducted at our facility by our experienced staff, at absolutely no cost to you. If your dog passes, enjoy the first day of Daycare on us, FREE OF CHARGE!


À la carte Daycare

Half-Day up to 6 hours $15

Full-Day $28

Daycare Packages also available in 5-10-20 day bundles!

NEW ITEM $300/month Unlimited Daycare Monthly Membership (must have valid card on file, includes 4 free staff or self baths per month.)

Overnight Boarding includes free daycare, pending successful temp test

*Christmas & Thanksgiving Day may affect lobby hours


Offered 365 days a year our overnight Dog Boarding services offers you peace of mind while your dog bathes in tender-loving care courtesy of our experienced staff. A guest may board their dog for as little or as long as they desire in any of our hand-built boarding rooms.

Your pet is happy and safe when you book today to Board overnight with 41K9. Whether it's work, travel or something life throws at you don't worry about your pup, book with us and have peace of mind. Our common-sense approach to Boarding will save you stress and money. There's no nickle-and-diming, we pride ourselves in doing our best to meet the needs of your dog as they Board with us as our guest.

PRICING: $39/night for one dog

We include additional discounts for multiple dogs rooming together as well as dogs that stay longer than 6 nights. Ask our staff for an overnight boarding quote!

We are ALL-INCLUSIVE, dogs who board overnight will enjoy free daycare, free medications given (no injections), free evening potty visits and plenty of hugs and lovin' from our staff!


Offered 365 days a year our Self-Service Dog Wash is made available at the lowest cost possible as a courtesy for our guests. Having met 41K9's vaccination requirements, anyone may access the Self-Service Dog Bath (Monday thru Friday 6am-7pm and on the Weekend 8am-7pm) and enjoy the use of our extra large wash tub, high pressure wash hose, complimentary soaps and conditioners as well as towels, commercial dryers & combs. Walk away when you're done and leave the cleanup to us. Perfect after a day in Dog Daycare or as part of regular coat maintenance for your dog.


Self-Bath $10

Staff-Bath à la carte $15 

Board overnight 7 nights or more = FREE BATH

41K9 was designed with modern dog owners in mind. Nobody wants to wash their dog in their own bathroom, not with all of that fur clogging up your drains, use OUR wash stations instead

Still not sure? Email us with any questions!


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